Shoryu’s key team members are all natives of Fukuoka, in which the district Hakata is found - the birthplace of our speciality tonkotsu ramen. Having been brought up on the stuff, we have intrinsic knowledge of what goes into making the best bowl, serving authentic Hakata tonkotsu ramen in the heart of London.

‘It’s in our bones’

Shogun Shogun stamp

  • Tak Tokumine ‘Ramen Shogun’
  • Shoryu Ramen and Japan Centre CEO
A successful entrepreneur and a key figure in the ethnic food market, Tak gained invaluable business skills working for his family’s steel mill in Fukuoka, before marrying and settling in the UK in 1975.

Opening the first Japan Centre on London’s 5 Warwick Street W1 in 1976, under Tak's charismatic and decisive leadership Japan Centre has become one of the most influential Japanese stores in the UK and Europe. A native of Fukuoka, in which the area Hakata is found - the birthplace of tonkotsu ramen, together with Kanji he strives to showcase his hometown’s speciality to Londoners and has opened four Shoryu Ramen bars to date.

“UK noodle culture has really become more sophisticated in recent years. As the British market has become more accustomed to noodles, we're able to introduce very specific dishes, such as Hakata tonkotsu ramen, for those looking for the real deal. I want to make sure everyone can experience real flavours, real dishes on their doorstep.”

Boss Boss stamp

  • Kanji Furukawa 'Ramen Boss'
  • Executive Chef
Kanji is Shoryu’s very own Ramen Boss, turning piggy bits into rich, silky tonkotsu broth like a master.

A certified Washoku chef, Kanji was head hunted by Tak and first joined Japan Centre as Head Chef of Toku, the company's contemporary Japanese restaurant, before establishing Shoryu Ramen in 2012.

A native of Hakata for 31 years, the birthplace of tonkotsu ramen, Kanji is acutely tuned into what makes the perfect bowl of Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen. Honing Shoryu's tonkotsu recipe over several months, Kanji is immensely proud of the authentic flavours Shoryu achieves and makes regular trips back to Hakata to work with his contemporaries, keeping up with the latest techniques and trends.


  • Andy Cimatu
  • Head Chef
Originally from the Philippines, Andy has always had a calling for creating exquisite flavours in his dishes. Shoryu Ramen’s Head Chef started cooking in his college days and now has over 15 years of Japanese cuisine under his belt.
Much like our Executive Chef, Kanji, Andy was head hunted due to his culinary reputation forged from hard work and unrivalled raw talent. Japanese is understandably his favourite style of cuisine with Korean coming a close second.

Andy’s breadth of knowledge means that he is responsible for nurturing new talent, within Shoryu Ramen, to achieve their full potential. With grand aspirations of his own, Andy knows that the best place to enhance his already extensive skillset is here with us and we couldn’t be happier.


  • Maria Vittoria Vecchione
  • Area Bar Manager
Maria Vittoria Vecchione is the Area Bar Manager for Shoryu Ramen and a fully qualified sake sommelier – of which there are very few currently operating in the UK.

She is instrumental in putting together the drinks and cocktails list at all of the restaurants and has created over 50 sake inspired cocktails each a fusion of traditional Japanese flavours and ingredients with modern twists.

Maria also holds regular sake workshops to help educate Londoners about what sake is and how to drink it.